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Cocktails with Creatives | Museum of the Dead
When was the last time you were at MAG? Sixth Grade Field Trip? We’ve got many reasons to come back. Check here for news on our popular themed activities and events, featuring the coolest DJ’s in town; art scavenger hunts; hands-on creative projects; and food and drink for purchase.


Third Thursdays
We offer a monthly DeTOUR℠ on the third Thursday of each month. DeTOURs℠ are an exclusive themed tour that is both engaging and entertaining. These tours focus on some amazing personal lives of artists, the inspiration and method to their madness, and lesser-known facts about some of the works in our collection. Each tour includes activities, personal connections, and mind-blowing facts! Learn more

MAG Museum of the Dead: What the Hex | October 26, 2018 | 8-11 pm

Save the Dates:
Cocktails with Creatives
Cocktails with Creatives: 12/6/2018 and 6/13/19.

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