Oil painting of a young man sitting in an armchair, pale face standing out against his dark clothing and background

Under the Microscope
Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Young Man in an Armchair

Through June 16, 2024

Lockhart Gallery

Is MAG’s Portrait of a Young Man in an Armchair really by Rembrandt? This exhibition presents an in-depth forensic analysis of the painting, addressing that question as well as offering a unique snapshot into its troubled life and its place in the larger context of Rembrandt’s legacy.

Still from a video of a black person dressed in white and moving against a white background, almost completely erased by digital blur.

Sondra Perry
Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera I & II

Through November 3, 2024

Media Arts Watch Gallery

In her two-channel video, Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera I & II, Sondra Perry explores what she calls the “slippages of identity” through the vivid and hypnotic digital manipulation of two performers projected onto two of the gallery walls.

Grid of stylized paintings of horses, six across and five tall. Each horse painting is mounted on a different marbled paper.

Wendy Red Star
Bi’ nneete (No Water)

Through December 1, 2024

Forman Gallery

Wendy Red Star’s Bi’ nneete (No Water) is an installation of thirty original drawings forming a “corral” of horses, which hold significance in the Northern Plains Native history and cultures. Each horse is sketched from historical ledger drawings from museums and archives across the United States.