Representation matters.

The Memorial Art Gallery is an arts organization that acquires, cares for, and exhibits art. Through art, we tell stories that reflect, challenge, and celebrate life and cultures. As such, we are inexorably linked to the events that surround us. #BlackLivesMatter

For MAG, the declaration that “Representation Matters” is a reminder of the key objectives of our work: who are the artists represented in our galleries, and what images are represented in their art? Who represents MAG on our staff, among our Docents, and on our Board leadership? Who represents our audience? Are we fairly reflecting the people and communities who represent our city, our region, our nation, our world?*

MAG will be sharing with you how we’re doing in all of these regards, how we are meeting, or not, the objective to fairly reflect the people we serve.

*The Memorial Art Gallery is a part of the University of Rochester and is the civic art museum for the region. For information on Rochester demographics, please see the Rochester page of Census Reporter.