DeTOUR with Jessica Gasbarre


$10 tickets include museum admission.
Under MAGsocial, we are conducting a monthly DeTOUR on the third Thursday of each month. DeTOURS are an exclusive themed tour that is both engaging and entertaining. These tours focus on some of the amazing personal lives of artists, the inspiration and method to their creativity, and lesser known facts about some of the works in our collection. Each tour includes activities, personal connections, and mind blowing facts! And, upping our MAG DeTOUR game, we are now including some Rochester Rockstar guest Tour Guides.

Harry Potter and the MAGSocial DeTOUR

Harry Potter at MAG
Thursday, July 20th
$10 tickets include museum admission.
6 pm – 7 pm
The wizarding world of the Boy Who Lives meets the MAGic of Art! On this enchanting MAGsocial DeTOUR, we are teaming up with our Gryffindor friend, Chris Fanning from Writers and Books, to introduce you to the magical creatures of our Museum grounds, share our herbology secrets, uncover the mysteries of the future under the cover of our astronomy tower, compete in Harry Potter trivia, defend against the dark arts (literally art that is dark), and more!

Coming soon!

a Little DeTOUR
Thursday, August 17, 2017
$10 tickets include museum admission.
6 pm – 7 pm
Every single movie features artistic elements from costume and set design to character costume and make-up. On this MAGsocial DeTOUR, we are teaming up with our animated friend, Scott Pukos, from The Little Theatre to frame the role that art plays in movies. We will reveal the artistic inspiration behind our favorite films, Hollywood elite’s favorite artists from our collection, and we will highlight The Little’s upcoming movie season. Be prepared for movie trivia, mockumentary madness, and much more!

#tbt That Time We Did A DeTOUR Inspired by The Breakfast Club
Thursday, September 21, 2017
$10 tickets include museum admission.
6 – 7 pm
We’re going back to school for this MAGsocial DeTOUR inspired by the beloved line from the Breakfast Club, “But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase*, a princess, and a criminal.” These stereotypes are not just rampant in schools and -now that some of us are “adults”- the workplace; they are also ever-present in the art world. On this night of throwbacks (complete with ripped jeans, baggy flannel, and maybe even some high tops (Yes! Get your outfits ready!), we will tell you all about which artists in our collection had reputations for being “brains”, “athletes”, “basketcases”, “princesses”, “criminals”, and more, and how our artists took what society initially heralded as bad thing and made a career out of it.

*As per Merriam-Webster’s definition: a person who is very nervous, tired, etc., and is not able to think or act normally.


Musically MAG DeTOUR

Mona Seghatoleslami
Thursday, June 15th
6 pm – 7 pm
Art and music have always gone hand-in-hand and on this MAGsocial DeTOUR, you will get to experience the two simultaneously! We will be joined by Mona Seghatoleslami of WXXI and Adhoc for an immersive arts experience as we couple fine arts with the majesty of music, enjoying performances in our Museum space, learning together, laughing, exploring, and more.

Moms of MAG DeTOUR

Mothers of MAGThursday, May 18th
6 pm – 7 pm
There is no love like a mother’s love and here at MAG we know that all too well; our Museum was founded thanks to the love Emily Sibley Watson had for her son, James Averill. On this special MAGsocial DeTOUR in honor of Mother’s Day, we invite you to celebrate the love, sacrifice, and legacy the mothers in our collection have left behind and the lasting impact moms have had in our community. #momsareawesome
shown: Lilly Martin Spencer, Peeling Onions, ca. 1852

Celebrate Spring: The Art of Nature DeTOUR

Thursday, April 20, 2017
6-7 pm
Spring is that most enchanting time of year when you remember how wonderful it is to be outside breathing in the fresh air, basking in the sun’s gentle glow, and cocooned in the peaceful sights and sounds of nature reawakening.

In honor of Earth Day (on April 22), we invite you to celebrate spring and the art of nature. On this MAGsocial DeTOUR, we will wander through MAG’s outdoors, exploring the majestic flora, fauna, architecture, and sculpture decorating the grounds, play games on the MAG lawn, hug some trees, and maybe even walk around barefoot.

This event is byog (bring your own granola).

DeTOUR prepWho Runs the World? Girls!: Women of MAG DeTOUR

Thursday, March 23, 2017
We don’t need Queen Bey to tell us what we already know: women are awesome. On this MAGsocial DeTOUR*, we will celebrate the women in MAG’s collection who made MAGnificent muses, painted perfect portraits, and who altered our perceptions of feminism, the art world, and who gave women the rights of agency. We will reveal the secret lives of females from our past, share fun facts about present-day artists, and celebrate all the wonders women have provided the art world and beyond. We hope you’ll leave feeling proud, inspired, and also unashamed of your unshaven legs (that’s the best part about winter #amirite)!

Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn Dunwoody DeTOUR Takeover: Black History Month

Thursday, February 16, 2017
On this DeTOUR*, Shawn Dunwoody shares the storytelling, community building, and tradition of the African and African American art in MAG’s collection. Together, we will uncover some of the secret stories behind our artists’ pasts, discover the impact of the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement, and celebrate the awesome accomplishments of modern and historical blacks in the art world and beyond. Here is a very cool write-up of our February DeTOUR with Shawn Dunwoody by Museum Hack! read it here

HeART Throbs - DeTOURMAG heARTthrobs

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Get ready to meet marble hunks, oil-painted Adonises, and other MAG men and women who make you wish you were born four centuries ago. On this DeTOUR*, we’ll expose you to some of the art world’s best bachelors, spinsters, and finest eye candy, like our Italian stallion, pictured here. We’ll also give you the scoop on romantic quarrels that kept hearts apart and plunge deep into the secret stories of star-crossed lovers from antiquity to modernity.

Palette to Palate: MAG Foodies

Thursday, December 15th, 2016
On Thursday, December 15th we will take a look at the food in MAG’s collection and the people enjoying it. In this Detour we will explore the secret – often scandalous – meanings of different fruits throughout the ages, the importance of wine and social status, and we will uncover how the modern day …“foodie” came to be. You may even learn how to braise a chicken and we can definitely tell you the secret to burning bread.

MAG Movember

Thursday, November 17, 2016
On Thursday, November 17th we will take a look at the beards in MAG’s collection and the handsome men they belong to. In this Detour we will explore beard trends throughout the ages, how the modern day beard has become synonymous with the “The Explorer” archetype, and how beards can shape how men are perceived.

Phantom MAGPhantom MAG

Thursday, October 20, 2016
Come check out our Detour on October 20th from 6:00 to 6:45 pm: Phantom MAG – In this MAGsocial Detour, we explore the curious, the macabre, the sinister, and the gory works of art in our collection, paying close attention to Egyptian death rituals, mummification, and their views of the afterlife.