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Domesticating Empire: Egyptian Landscapes in the Casa dell’Efebo, Pompeii

Memorial Art Gallery Auditorium
Sunday, November 12, 2017
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

This year’s speaker for the Nancy S. & Peter O. Brown Guest Lectureship in the Art & Architecture of Ancient Civilizations is Dr. Caitlín Barrett, Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at Cornell University. 

Despite longstanding interest in Roman “Aegyptiaca,” little research has yet attempted to contextualize Egyptian or Egyptian-style material culture from Roman domestic settings. This need is especially pressing for “Nilotic scenes,” or wall paintings and mosaics depicting the Nile River.  Dr. Barrett will present her ongoing work on the Nilotic fresco in the outdoor triclinium (dining room) of Pompeii’s Casa dell’Efebo (House of the Ephebus), as well as its larger garden setting.  This work will appear as part of Dr. Barrett’s forthcoming book on the appearance and meaning of Nilotic wall paintings and mosaics in Roman domestic contexts.

Included with museum admission; free for MAG members and members of The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).