To make Memorial Art Gallery accessible to broad and diverse audiences, the MAGconnect program brings community members who may not otherwise come to the museum due to financial and transportation limitations, and those who may feel that a cultural institution might not be a welcoming place. MAGconnect provides free transportation and admission, and a guided tour to community groups and organizations that qualify to participate. Those who visit MAG through the program are also able to sign up for a complimentary one-year family membership so that they can return to the museum and continue to enjoy its collection, exhibitions, programs, and amenities.

Contact Information
For more information about the MAGconnect program, or to schedule a visit please contact:
Delores Jackson Radney
Outreach Specialist

MAGconnect is made possible by ESL Charitable Foundation, Inc. and the Mary S. Mulligan Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, with additional support from Susan Senise. Funding is also provided by the Memorial Art Gallery Community Access Endowment and the FULL MEA5URE Community Endowed Fund.

The Memorial Art Gallery’s educational and outreach programs are also supported by the John C. and Elsa C. Beach and Eileen M. Sullivan Education Endowment, the Elizabeth Brayer Family Endowment, the Docent Endowment Fund, the Emma Jane Drury Education Fund, the Education Endowment Fund, the Patricia S. Fishman Educational Endowment, the Joanna M. and Michael R. Grosodonia Fund, the Frank Grosso and Diane Holahan Grosso Fund, the Mary Sue Jack Endowed Fund, the Memorial Art Gallery Community Access Endowment, the Mary Ann Monley and William D. Rice Education Endowment, and the Josephine Tota Endowment.

The McPherson Director of Academic Programs is partially endowed by an anonymous donor and supported by the Joan Feinbloom School Programming Fund. Support for the Estelle B. Goldman Museum Educators is provided by the Estate of Estelle B. Goldman.

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