Thank you for your interest in bringing your students to MAG! Please read the school/youth tour guidelines and complete this form to help us coordinate your tour.

Tour Guidelines


Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour start time.


We require at least one chaperone per 8–10 students.

Chaperones must stay with their students; we do not permit unsupervised art-viewing time. Please model good museum behavior by following the guidelines listed here, and remind your student to do so during the tour.

Food/Drink/Backpacks, etc.

Food/drink, backpacks/large bags, and umbrellas are not allowed in the museum.

Chaperones with backpacks containing critical supplies (medical supplies, for example) will be asked to carry the backpacks in front of the body.

Eyes, Not Hands

Please do not touch the artworks; natural oils from your hands can damage them. Please help us preserve our art for future visitors.

A safe distance between you and the art is about 12 inches.


If you will be writing in the museum, please use pencils, not pens or markers.


Photography is allowed unless a no-photography sign is posted at the entrance to the gallery space. Please do not use flash.

Good Behavior

Please be respectful of other visitors by using an indoor voice and silencing your phones. It is important that your students stay with their group during the tour.

MAG reserves the right to ask tour participants whose behavior is deemed unwelcoming or unsafe to others and the art to leave the museum.

Click here to download a PDF of these tour guidelines to print and pass out to others.