The Gallery Council

The Gallery Council was formed in 1940 by a group of Memorial Art Gallery enthusiasts. It has grown and evolved while continually meeting the needs of MAG. Its many projects and gifts sustain the museum and enrich our members and our community. Over the course of 80 years, we have raised over $4,000,000 to help support art acquisitions and conservation, scholarships for children to attend the Creative Workshop, and underwriting MAG exhibitions and special publications.

The Gallery Council at MAG

Most recently, the Gallery Council is also the series sponsor for our Family and Community Celebration Days.

The gifts of knowledge, friendship, and personal enrichment are direct results of volunteerism with the Gallery Council. We welcome you to experience these treasures in your life.

2021-22 Gallery Council Board

President: Bonnie Voll
Vice President for Future Planning and Development: Marilyn Merrigan
Associate Vice President for Future Planning and Development: Joanna Grosodonia
Vice President for Membership: Margie Spence
Associate Vice President for Membership: Mike Falcone
Administrative Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair: Bev Pickering
Project Treasurers/Finance Committee Co-Chairs: Lee Foster and Karen Larkin
Recording Secretary: Janice Linehan
Corresponding Secretary: Jodi Shea
Art Tours Co-Chairs: Michelle Turner and Rita Johnson
Communications/Web Liaison: Alyson Grossman
Docent Vice-Chairperson: Ellie Stauffer
Hospitality Chair: Geralyn Sears
Nominating Committee Chair: Sandy Koon
Program Committee Co-Chairs: Susan Senise and Julie Reynolds
Store Steering Committee Chair: Lois Sumberg

The Gallery Council 2021

What does the Gallery Council do for MAG?

Gallery Council aprons
  • Provides volunteers for THE STORE @ MAG
  • Underwrites the Celebrations Days Series and operations
  • Underwrites exhibitions
  • Provides Creative Workshop scholarships for students
  • Helps the MAG continue to provide art enrichment programs for the community
  • Sponsors special events and provides monetary awards to artists
  • Supports art acquisitions and conservation
  • Plus so much more!

What does the Gallery Council do for its members?

MAG Gallery Council and you
  • Provides exclusive Gallery Council programs, Docent Lectures and artists’ studio tours
  • Receive a monthly Around the Council newsletter offering early bird news of travel, fundraising projects, and coming exhibitions
  • Exceptional Council Membership Only opportunities
  • Early registration benefit for Gallery Council Members Only on all local, national and international Art Tours
  • Embrace fun with old and new friendships while fundraising for MAG
  • Join committees where you can share, learn and grow your skills and talents
  • Meet members who share your passion for art and learning
  • Special opportunities to become a MAG Docent

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Art & Treasures Sale: a sale of gently used original art, china, crystal, silver and jewelry, as well as a wide range of household items.
  • Fine Craft Show: a juried event that features one-of-a-kind and limited-edition work by 40+ master craft artists from across the country.


  • Art Tours
  • Communications/Web Liaison
  • Finance
  • Future Planning & Development
  • Hospitality
  • Membership
  • Program

How to Join

  • Be a member of MAG
  • Pay an annual Gallery Council membership fee
  • Active Members: $70/per year
  • Volunteer on two Council sponsored events per year
  • Sustaining Members: $85/per year
  • No volunteer participation required

Volunteer each year by:

  • Enhancing the customer experience in THE STORE @ MAG through sales, service, and merchandising
  • Joining a Fundraising Committee or Gallery Council Committee
  • Working on two Council sponsored events per year

Contact the Council
The Gallery Council of the Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Avenue Rochester, NY 14607