Upcoming Exhibitions

Paul Garland: Intuitive Progression

June 17–November 27, 2022

Paul Garland (b. 1943) has taught generations of artists in Upstate New York while continuing to advance his own artistic practice for more than 50 years. His lifelong pursuit of making art through intuition and instinct has produced an extensive body of evocative, dreamlike abstractions layered with shimmering color and bold geometric shapes. This exhibition in the Lockhart gallery will highlight examples of Garland’s extensive body of work.

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Ubuhle Women: Beadwork and the Art of Independence

July 17–October 23, 2022

Ubuhle Women: Beadwork and the Art of Independence showcases a new form of bead art, the ndwango (“cloth”), developed by a community of women living and working together in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The black fabric on which the Ubuhle women work is reminiscent of the Xhosa headscarves and skirts which many of them grew up wearing. By stretching this textile like a canvas, the artists transform the flat cloth into a contemporary art form with colored Czech glass beads. Ubuhle means “beauty” in the Xhosa and Zulu languages and it describes the shimmering quality of light on glass that for the Xhosa people has a particular spiritual significance.

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Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt

November 19, 2022–March 5, 2023

Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt is an exploration of a little-known aspect of Egyptian sculpture: the deliberate damage inflicted upon images for political and religious power. The exhibition takes as its starting point the question that many museum visitors ask when they see ancient sculpture: “Why are the noses broken on Egyptian statues?” Viewed through the lens of spiritual and ritual practices, Striking Power, which showcases 40 powerful works from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, examines the patterns of damage to images from these organized campaigns of destruction.

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