Upcoming Exhibitions

“The 613” | Rochester- Finger Lakes 2021 | Renaissance Impressions | Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster

Melting Animals

PROGRAM 1: will stream from December 7 through December 21

Melting Animals is a family-friendly selection of two programs of animated short films aimed at children and young people. Featuring handmade and digital animation from around the world, this program at MAG virtual will inspire younger audiences through the mind-expanding experience of cinema. An invitation to explore the magic of the natural world using everyday objects, rhythms, and textures. Melting Animals is a creative tool that offers a variety of simple techniques that we hope will motivate you to experiment at home.

PROGRAM 2: will stream from December 21, 2020 through January 4, 2021

“The 613” – Archie Rand

April 25–July 18, 2021

“The 613” explores both traditions of biblical interpretation and of artistic expression. Interrogation is a common strategy among the 613 individual panels, as the images may underscore, contradict, and very often obscure the teachings of the 613 Jewish commandments referenced. Quoting masterworks by artists such as Paul Cézanne and Edouard Manet and enlisting imagery from Jewish comic artists, Rand interweaves visual culture and Jewish Scripture which, ironically, has been interpreted historically to forbid the creation of idols, images, and even art more broadly.

Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition

August 15–October 17, 2021

Renaissance Impressions: 16th-Century Master Prints from the Kirk Edward Long Collection

Companion Exhibition/Collection Connection: Renaissance Prints as Visual Communication

Novemebr 14, 2021–February 6, 2022

These two exhibitions explore the emergence and transformative impact of the print medium on the visual culture of Renaissance Europe. Renaissance Impressions showcases the extraordinary technique, imagery, and imagination of the master printmakers of the time. Renaissance Prints as Visual Communication highlights the surprising interconnections between this new print medium and paintings, stained glass, ceramics, and armor in MAG’s permanent collection.

Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster

March 6–June 19, 2022

HIV/AIDS Education Posters from the Atwater Collection at the University of Rochester

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