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Kobayashi Kiyochika

Kiyochika & Japan, Transformed: Prints from the Arthur Miller Collection

August 25–December 10, 2017
The exhibition Kiyochika and Japan, Transformed showcases over 30 color woodblock prints by Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915), who witnessed firsthand the transformation of Japan when it opened to the West after centuries of isolation. These prints, drawn from the extraordinary collections of University of Rochester alumnus Arthur R. Miller, emphasize the complexities of modern and traditional life in late-19th century Japan. Kiyochika’s work is characterized by his innovative use of light and shadow as well as his juxtapositions of subject matter, both old and new, in this rapidly changing world.

shown: Kobayashi Kiyochika, Night Rain in Yanagihara, woodblock print, c 1881


Rainforest IV

September 7–10, 2017
An immersive audio installation created by the Eastman Audio Research Studio (EARS) at the Eastman School of Music. Originally conceived by sound artist and pianist David Tudor in 1973, Rainforest IV is a sonic environment made of hand-made, uniquely designed sculptural objects suspended in space and fitted with electric transducers, turning them into resonant sound objects.

shown: Installation of Rainforest IV (1973), L’Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, 1976. Photograph by Ralph Jones (American, b. 1951) © 1976 Ralph Jones. All rights reserved. Image courtesy of Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.

Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle Remastered

October 8–December 31, 2017
This exhibition is the first to showcase the digitally crafted works of Wendell Castle, acclaimed figure of the American art furniture movement. It will feature approximately 40 works of art, including several historically important examples that inspired his latest achievements.
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shown: Wendell Castle Remastered, Long Night, 2011, photo by Adrien Millot
Courtesy of Friedman Benda Gallery and Wendell Castle.

Wendell Castle Remastered at the Memorial Art Gallery is an adaptation of the exhibition originally presented at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, in 2015.

Bill Viola - Martyrs

Media Arts Watch

Bill Viola: Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
October 11, 2017–mid-July 2018

Martyrs is overtly rooted in art historical and religious iconography. Viola has shared his inspiration for the work: “The Greek word for martyr originally meant ‘witness.’ In today’s world, the mass media turns us all into witnesses to the suffering of others. The martyrs’ past lives of action can help illuminate our modern lives of inaction. They also exemplify the human capacity to bear pain, hardship, and even death in order to remain faithful to their values, beliefs, and principles.
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shown: Photography by Kira Perov



Rochester Finger Lakes

The Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition (RFLX) will be cancelled for 2017 to accommodate the expansion and renovation of the museum’s Grand Gallery. The RFLX will return to MAG as scheduled in the summer of 2019.
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