Renaissance Remix

Renaissance Remix:
Art & Imagination in 16th-century Europe

renaissance remix images

A long-term installation in the Dorothy McBride Gill Discovery Center

This was a chance to explore the world of the Renaissance through the eyes of a young boy growing up in mid 16th-century Europe—a time of political, cultural, religious and social change. Imagine that your world has been transformed by the invention of the printing press, the “discovery” of the New World, and a widespread explosion of intellectual and artistic energy.

At the center of this long-term installation was MAG’s much-loved Portrait of a Boy of the Bracciforte Family, but it also showcased 30 other works from the Gallery’s collection, the Metropolitan Museum and the Corning Museum of Glass. Hands-on activities, videos, touch screen displays and listening posts explore the Renaissance “spirit of change” through five major themes—portraiture, arms and armor, music, worldly goods, and the power of the press.

Renaissance Remix was made possible by funding from Dan and Dorothy Gill. Additional support has been provided by the Thomas and Marion Hawks Memorial Fund, the Mabel Fenner Lyon Fund, the estate of Emma Jane Drury, and an anonymous donor.

Above: Details of Girolamo Bedoli, Portrait of a Boy of the Bracciforte Family of Piacenza (Italy, ca. 1560).