Bodies in Space

October 7-December 31, 2016
John HanhardtBodies in Space was the inaugural art exhibition of MAG’s Media Arts Initiative. The exhibition was organized by John Hanhardt (pictured above), our new Consulting Senior Curator of Media Arts, and features work by Nam June Paik and Bruce Nauman, key artists from the early years of video art, alongside more recent work by Sondra Perry and Takeshi Murata, artists on the cutting edge of a new generation transforming the digital media arts.

Bodies in Space was a curated collection of media art, previously never seen together as one installation.
It included:

Bruce NaumanBruce Nauman: Revolving Upside Down (1969)

Nam June PaikNam June Paik: Experiment with David Atwood (1969)

Takeshi MurataTakeshi Murata: Monster Movie (2005)

Sondra PerrySondra Perry: Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera (2013)