Interior of a mirrored room with silver metal balls on the floor

Yayoi Kusama

September 14, 2023–May 5, 2024

Docent Gallery

Renée Stout, Ikenga.

Great Women Artists at MAG

September 1, 2023–April 14, 2024

Forman Gallery

A still from Campbell's film FLIGHT.

Crystal Z Campbell
Lines of Sight

February 8, 2023–January 7, 2024

Media Arts Watch Gallery

Created image of a pair of conjoined twins joined at the head

Beyond Beauty
A Selection of Work from MAG’s Permanent Collection

June 9–November 26, 2023

Lockhart Gallery

Joan Lyons

February 25–August 13, 2023

Forman Gallery and Installations through the American galleries

A man, crouched on the ground and looking up, left elbow braced on his knee and hand cradling his chin, painted realistically.

68th Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition

April 23–August 6, 2023

Docent Gallery


August 15, 2021–July 9, 2023

Hurlbut Gallery

Dryad - In Praise of Trees, a black and white woodcut of trees.

In Praise of Trees
Woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara

December 9, 2022–May 28, 2023

Lockhart Gallery

A broken sculpture of a face from a sarcophagus, made of black stone, against a yellow background covered in hieroglyphs.

Striking Power
Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt

November 20, 2022–March 5, 2023

Docent Gallery

Kota Ezawa
National Anthem

November 26, 2021–February 5, 2023

Forman Gallery