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Our art lovers’ tours are organized and sponsored by the Gallery Council to benefit MAG and open to all interested travelers.

A Frank Lloyd Wright Experience in Buffalo, New York

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Darwin Martin House

Join the Gallery Council’s Art Tours Committee for a day in Buffalo celebrating the genius that is Frank Lloyd Wright. Our tour highlights will be:

  • The Pierce Arrow Museum, complete with the 1927 FLW Filling Station and an amazing collection of amazing vintage automobiles, not to mention a huge sampling of historic artifacts and photos
  • Tour of the FLW Boathouse – one of Wright’s personal favorites, featuring large vertical piers supporting horizontal planes
  • The FLW Darwin Martin House, built in 1905 and considered a masterpiece of 20th century architecture… a stunning example of Wright’s integration of architecture with nature
  • Lunch …the Buffalo Yacht Club on Lake Erie

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Tour leaders: Carol Morse or call 585-671-3828 or Linda Sullivan or call 585-613-8715

For more information on this and other upcoming trips, or to be added to our priority email list, email the Gallery Council Office or call 585.276.8910.