UPDATE: MAGconnect tours will be *POSTONED* through April 2020.

To make Memorial Art Gallery exhibitions and programs accessible to a broad and diverse audience, MAGconnect offers free transportation, complimentary admission, and a one-year MAG membership to community residents of limited financial means.

Since 2016, when it was introduced in conjunction with the popular exhibition Inspiring Beauty, the program has served over 1,000 area residents from more than 30 community organizations, including:

• Teen Central students from Wheatley and Rundel Libraries
• Wilson Commencement Park
• Montgomery Senior Citizens Center
• Ibero-American Action League
• Baden Street Child Development Center
• YMCA Carlson Center
• Action for a Better Community Adult Learners
• Hillside Work Scholarship Program
• Frederick Douglass 200th Birthday Group
• Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services

In 2019 and beyond, MAG hopes to welcome 500 Rochester residents a year, with a balance between repeat and new visitors.

MAG staff members work closely with community organizations to promote the program, identify participants, arrange the transportation and welcome them to the museum. Contact Delores Jackson Radney via mail. Questions? Call 585.276.8938.

Photo: Program manager Delores Jackson Radney with members of Trinity Emmanuel Church.