Gallery Council

The Gallery Council is a volunteer organization that serves the Memorial Art Gallery by organizing special events to raise funds in support of the visual arts. It is the largest single annual donor to MAG.

The Gallery Council

Since it was founded in 1940, the Gallery Council has contributed over $3 million to the MAG. The money the Gallery Council raises supports art acquisitions and conservation, scholarships for children to attend the Creative Workshop, and underwriting MAG exhibitions and special publications. Most recently, the Gallery Council is also the series sponsor for our Family and Community Celebration Days.  learn more

Gallery Council Board 2018-19

Gallery Council Officers

1st row L to R: Audry Liao, Susan Senise, Linda Cassata, Anita Bonanni
2nd row: Bonnie Voll, Bev Pickering, Pamela Miller Ness, Jean Ligozio
3rd row: Cecelia Horwitz, Hannah Solky, John Burch, Janet Morris, Lois Sumberg, Paula Carter, Rody Krugh, Elena Shandelov

Absent from the picture: Julia Tan, Mary Crowe, Carmen Zapata, Dee McCreary, Doris Davis-Fritsch.

Gallery Council members organize three major annual fundraising events:

  • Art & Treasures Sale: a sale of gently used original art, china, crystal, silver and jewelry, as well as a wide range of household items.
  • Clothesline Festival in partnership with MAG. The Council provides volunteers for THE STORE @ MAG and STORE outdoor booth as well as helping the artists by staffing their booths during breaks.
  • Fine Craft Show & Sale: a juried event that features one-of-a-kind and limited-edition work by 40+ master craft artists from across the country.

Art Lovers’ Travel

Artist Studio visit
The Gallery Council Art Tours Committee organizes art lovers’ trips to many interesting places. Most are one-, two-, or three-day excursions, and all benefit MAG.
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Why become involved

The Council provides members the opportunity to:
Memorial Art Gallery

  • Use and develop their special skills and expertise by providing a wide range of challenging leadership and volunteer activities;
  • Enhance their own knowledge and appreciation of the arts through its programs, art related travel opportunities, and other activities;
  • Socialize and work with people of diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in promoting the visual arts.
  • See our 2019/20 programs
  • Make a donation to the Gallery Council

How to join

Anyone who is a member of the Memorial Art Gallery and who has the time and energy to invest is invited to apply for Gallery Council membership. As members of the Memorial Art Gallery, Council members help the Gallery provide wonderful art and programs to the community. For more information, click here or email Gallery Council Office, call 585.276.8910.

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