The Memorial Art Gallery is committed to making its collections, buildings, programs, and services accessible to all visitors. This includes our events rooms, the Auditorium, The Creative Workshop and The Store at MAG. Additionally, we are committed to providing accessible programs, events, and services. To schedule a sign language interpreter or touch tour for the blind contact Chelsea Anderson or call 585.276.8971.


Designated spaces are available for visitors with disabilities in parking lot D (near the rear entrance). The clearance is six feet, six inches (6′ 6″). Both entrances are fully accessible. See map.

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome at MAG.


The Museum is accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. The Creative Workshop is accessible through the elevator in the Pavilion. A few wheelchairs are available free of charge at coat-check areas on a first-come, first-served basis. Inquire at the Admission Desk. Coatroom and free lockers are also available. Wheelchair seating is available in the Auditorium.

Elevators are located in two locations in the building. A MAG map (PDF) is available at the Admission Desk. You may also call 585-276-8900 during office hours, or email us to request a copy in advance.

Sign Language

Sign language interpreters may be requested for all MAG programs. Two weeks’ notice is required. Contact Chelsea Anderson or call 585.276.8971.

Art Access: For visitors who are blind or are experiencing vision loss

MAG offers touch tours of selected work in the collection on request. In our library, we also have materials on art that are available during the library’s open hours. All are invited to touch the artwork in the Centennial Sculpture Park and to listen on their cell phones to recorded poetry and stories in the adjoining Poets Walk and Story Walk.

Audio and Self-Guided Tours

The Memorial Art Gallery offers audio descriptions of selected works of art in the Gallery’s collection to visitors. These descriptions are available as recordings via cell phones and on the Gallery’s website.

To schedule a sign language interpreter or touch tour for the blind contact Chelsea Anderson or call 585.276.8971. Deaf and hard-of-hearing people may also call via Relay Service.

Hearing Loop

Hearing Loop
Never miss a word. MAG Auditorium is equipped with an “induction loop” assistive listening system.
This system is made possible by the Mark and Bobbie Hargrave Hard of Hearing Fund of Rochester Area Community Foundation, the Memorial Art Gallery Community Access Endowment Fund and an anonymous donor.

Cell Phone Tours

Experience a deeper level of understanding by listening to our growing roster of cell phone tours.
Learn more about the cell phone tours.

Centennial Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park is always accessible, and sculptures can be touched. To schedule an event in this space, contact the events office. (See Centennial Sculpture Park for more information on the art and artists.)

Community partnerships

With the Alzheimer’s Association and area residential facilities, MAG offers Meet Me at the MAG tours for individuals with dementia and their care partners.