Passport to the Past

Passport to the Past

Teacher Resources

Explore universal themes of civilization such as writing, religion and burial customs by examining the
Gallery’s collections from the ancient Near East, Egypt, East Asia, Greece, Rome and Medieval and
Renaissance Europe. Experience the thrill of interpreting and comparing real artworks and artifacts
500 to 5,000 years old.

Classroom Materials:

Teaching World Religions with Objects

The Memorial Art Gallery’s World Religions: Teaching with Objects kits bring authentic objects used for personal religious prayers and devotion to the classroom. Five kits are available, focusing on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

Guided Discovery lessons ask students to begin with a careful observation of each object or image and then, through their questions and answers, progress to the integration of information and interpretation. Close and thoughtful analysis of the object leads students from the concrete to the abstract, from the particular to the general, from an understanding of ritual practices to the larger context of religious concepts, beliefs and traditions.

The objects and activities in the kit can be used as an introduction to a belief system unit, as a student inquiry strategy about objects within a unit, or as an assessment tool.

Come to the Gallery’s Charlotte Whitney Allen Library & Teacher Resource Center to borrow these kits!

Teaching Image Sets

(sized for use on Smartboards or in PowerPoints):