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This bimonthly magazine and events listing for MAG members began publication in September-October 2000. All issues since September 2012 are available online. For earlier issues, contact the library.

Annual Reports
2016-17 Annual Report
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2015-16 Annual Report
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2014-15 report; prior issues may be requested from the library.
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Scholarly Journal

Porticus is the Gallery’s scholarly journal. It began publishing in 1978 and the most recent issue published is v.20, 2000. Reference copies are available in the Gallery Store.

Historical Publications

Annual Report

Published 1914–86. Copies are in the collection of the Gallery’s archives. From 1986-2010, the Gallery published a Biennial Report; in 2010-11, this publication again became an Annual Report.


Published 1928–1933. Continued by Gallery Notes. Reference copies are available in the library and archives and available online.

Gallery Notes

Published 1935–95, then redesigned as MAGazine. Reference copies are available in the library and archives.


MAGazine began publication in March/April 1995 as a redesign of Gallery Notes, and ended publication with the fall 2008 issue. MAGazine supplemented ARTiculate by providing in-depth information about Gallery exhibitions, events, programs, staff and volunteers. As of February 2009, news that was formerly published once a year in MAGazine is published as it happens in our online magazine Around the MAG. Copies of the issues below are available online; for additional back issues, contact the library.