We need your support today.

As MAG works to keep you inspired and connected while our doors are closed due to COVID-19, we’re asking you to rally behind us and make a gift at this critical moment.

Closing our doors has had a devastating financial impact on the Memorial Art Gallery. We are anticipating a -$500,000 deficit by June 30. We face potential cuts to much-anticipated exhibitions, to beloved programs for all ages and stages, and to the positions and salaries of our dedicated staff. Yet all of this is essential to our ability to advance our mission—cuts could initiate a spiral in the wrong direction and reverse the progress MAG has made in recent years.

To sustain MAG and continue the important work we do, we have launched Protect the Arts: A Critical Campaign for MAG. Thanks to our generous Board, your gift will gift or membership will have TRIPLE the impact because they are donating $2 for every $1 you give.


Please consider making a contribution so that MAG can emerge from this crisis as an even stronger institution, one that brings world-class exhibitions to Rochester, makes art accessible, and provides engagement and educational opportunities for all.

Thank you for your love and support.

Jonathan P. Binstock, Ph.D.
Mary W. and Donald R. Clark Director