Clothesline Volunteer Descriptions

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The success of Clothesline depends on our dedicated corps of volunteers. Work a shift and get free admission to the Festival before or after your shift. Volunteer opportunities include:

Admission Gate Volunteer

  • Duties: Welcome Festival attendees, collect admission and provide basic directions
  • Preparation: Start your shift by attending a brief, informative orientation session where you will meet your Gate Captain. Sunscreen, a hat and weatherproof clothing are suggested.
  • Location: Sculpture Park entrance or Prince Street Entrance
  • Shifts: Saturday 8:30 am–noon, Saturday 11:30 am–3 pm, Saturday 2:30–5 pm; Sunday 9:15 am–12:30 pm, Sunday noon–3 pm, Sunday 2:30–5 pm

Creative Workshop Volunteer

  • Duties: A few past Creative Workshop students and friends needed to help with Clothesline art activities
  • Location: Creative Workshop
  • Shifts: Friday for setup and promotion from 9 am–1 pm; Saturday 10:30 am–5 pm, Saturday 10:30 am–2:30 pm, Saturday 1–5 pm, Sunday 10:30 am–5 pm, Sunday 10:30 am–2:30 pm, Sunday 1–5 pm

The STORE @ MAG Volunteer

  • Duties: Assist with sales, provide customer service, keep tables neat and organized.
  • Preparation: THE STORE Staff will assist you with what you need to know on the day that you volunteer.
  • Location: In the museum STORE and outside at the store tent.
  • Shifts: Saturday 7–11 am, Saturday 11 am–2 pm, Saturday 2–5 pm; Sunday 8 am–noon, Sunday noon–5 pm

Library Book Sale Setup/Teardown

  • Duties: Assist with moving and unpacking heavy boxes for library book sale
  • Shifts: Saturday 8:30–10 am, Monday 8:30 am–noon

Library Book Sale

  • Duties: Keep book sale tables neat and organized; help people find things; fill out sales paper forms (no experience necessary.)
  • Shifts: Saturday 10 am–2 pm, Saturday 2-5 pm; Sunday 10 am-2 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm

Package Check Volunteer

  • Duties: Take possession of food, umbrellas and packages while visitors go into the museum art space, give visitors claim checks and store their items, return items when visitors exit the museum art space.
  • Location: Inside at Pavilion or Group Tour Entrance, with two volunteers per shift per location
  • Shifts: Saturday 9:45 am–12:30 pm, Saturday 12:15–3 pm, Saturday 2:45–5:15 pm; Sunday 9:45 am-12:30 pm, Sunday 12:15–3 pm, Sunday 2:45–5:15 pm