Surya's Symbolism

Symbols incorporated into this image of Surya demonstrate and confirm his identity.

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The halo-like nimbus, or circle of light, is decorated with flowers and geometric patterns and demonstrates Surya's divine status as the sun god.
Surya carries a lotus blossom in each hand. Because the lotus closes at sunset and opens again at dawn, it symbolizes the sun's daily cycle of death and rebirth.
Surya wears a necklace, long earrings, and an intricate head dress, partially broken at the top.
A knotted belt holds Surya’s ankle-length embroidered tunic tight round the waist.
Notice how the ends of Surya's draped garment elegantly flow across his arms and down to form a nimbus over the heads of each of his two attendants.
Surya's scribe Pingala (peen-GAH-lah) appears at Surya's right, carrying an inkpot and pen in order to record humanity's good and bad deeds.
Surya's bodyguard Dandi (DAHN-dee) stands at his left, armed with a sword and shield.