Gallery Council Gifts of Art 1956-2017

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In order of date acquired

Unknown Japanese artist, Untitled, katagami, stencils, 56.77.1-.6
Anders Zorn, Maja von Heine, etching, 60.51
Hyacinthe Rigaud, Archbishop of Paris, oil, 68.1
Fernand Léger, Yellow No. 9, wool, 70.16*
Alexander Calder, Mobile, wool, 70.17*
Unknown American artist, Santo (Crucifix), wood, 73.9
Asher Brown Durand, Genesee Oaks, oil, 74.5
David Hockney, Mirror, Lucca, crayon, 75.422**
James W. Boyton, ArtForum, watercolor, 76.70*†
Bob Camblin, Trotline Forgery, watercolor, 76.71*†
James McGarrell, Three Trees, watercolor, 76.72*†
Gladys Nilsson, Making His Music, watercolor, 76.73*†
Idelle Weber, Macaroni Tin, watercolor, 76.74*†
John Grazier, Smithereens, pencil, 76.76*†
Lee Bontecou, Fifth Stone, Sixth Stone, book, 76.80.1-.10*†
Molly Burgess, Still, book, 76.81*†
William E. McGowin, Name Change, book, 76.82.1-.25*†
Lyman Piersma, Kenora Station, book, 77.35.1-.31*†
Carolyn Brady, Summer Porch III, watercolor, 77.91*†
Paul Garland, Go As You Please, watercolor, 77.92*†
Sol Lewitt, The Location, pencil and ink, 77.93*†
John Wood, Untitled Drawing and Collage, collage, 77.94*†
Angelica Kauffmann, John Monck, oil, 80.56
Helen Frankenthaler, Seer, acrylic, 81.13
Rachel Ruysch, Floral Still Life, oil‡, 82.9
Lilly Martin Spencer, Peeling Onions, oil, 88.6
Edith Lunt, Small Memorial Art Gallery 75th Anniversary, painting, 97.35
Elizabeth Delson, Dream of Icarus, etching, 98.2
Alfonsas Dargis, Figure with Still Life, woodcut, 98.3
Neil Welliver, Dead Pine, oil, 99.40*
Paul Resika, Boats, Blue Square, oil, 99.41
Lesley Dill, Homage to F. K. #2, mixed media, 2004.2
Walter B. Stephen, Westward Ho, ceramic, 2004.45
Gorham Manufacturing Company, Ladle: Versailles Pattern, silver, 2010.40
Kiki Smith, Mortal (Portfolio), woodcut, 2011.2
Adolf Dehn, Peaceful Cove, lithograph, 2012.22
James A. Skvarch, Unattended Child, etching, 2013.45
Peter Mazell, A South East View of the Great Cataract on the Casconchiagon, etching, 2013.46
Thomas Morris, A South East View of the Lower Cataract on the Casconchiagon, etching and engraving, 2013.47
Peter Mazell, A North West View of the Half Moon or Second Fall in the River Casconchiagon, etching and engraving, 2013.48
Ebenezer Emmons, View From Mount Hope, Rochester, lithograph, 2013.49
Carl F. Schmidt, Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, drawing, 2013.51
John Filmer, Rochester, from Mount Hope Cemetery, wood engraving, 2013.50a
John Douglas Woodward, East Side, Upper Falls of the Genesee, wood engraving, 2013.50b
Carl F. Schmidt, Gate to Chapin House, Rochester, drawing, 2013.52
Carl F. Schmidt, Hervey Ely House, Rochester, drawing, 2013.53
Carl F. Schmidt, Pond House, Rochester, drawing, 2013.54
Carl F. Schmidt, Entrance to Hervey Ely House, Rochester, drawing, 2013.55
Carl F. Schmidt, Moule-Buell House, Riga Center, New York, drawing, 2013.56
Unknown, Iranian, Page from a Qur’an with Gloss in Farsi, manuscript, 2015.25
Unknown, Indian, Courtyard Scene with Kneeling Man and Seated Woman with her Attendants, watercolor, 2015.26
Unknown, Indian, Hunting Scene with Men on an Elephant, watercolor, 2015.27
Thomas Rowlandson, Drawing from Life at the Royal Academy, etching and aquatint, 2017.19
Unknown, Indian, Scene with Lovers and Female Musician, gouache, 2017.20

* combined total of several purchases
** purchased with additional funding from Dr. Frank W. Lovejoy Jr.
† purchased with matching funds from the National Endowment for the Arts
‡ purchased with additional funding from the friends of Brenda Rowntree and the Marion Stratton Gould Fund