Reflections on Place | Rochester

Memorial Art Gallery commissions Javier Téllez, Isaac Julien, and Dara Birnbaum as part of a new media art series “Reflections on Place,” inspired by the City of Rochester. April 2018.

Video by Claudia Paradelo and Kai Miedendorp.

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Geva Theatre Partnership

Son House at Geva

Take advantage of MAG Member Nights at Geva Theatre. On May 5, 2019 and again on My 12th, MAG members will receive 25% off their ticket price for the World Premiere of Revival: The Resurrection of Son House. Check the Geva website for details. The show will run from May 1–June 2, 2019.

The “Reflections on Place” series of media art commissions by the Memorial Art Gallery is made possible with support from the Zell Family, and Deborah Ronnen and Sherman Levey.

shown above (left to right):
Javier Téllez (Venezuela, b. 1969), Dara Birnbaum, (U.S., b. 1946), and Isaac Julien (U.K., b. 1960).