The Path to Paradise: Preposterously Breathtaking Inspiration

The ultimate motivator for me is the euphoric feeling of having “nailed it” by doing justice to some preposterously breathtaking inspiration. That is the most ecstatic euphoria I have ever experienced.
—Judith Schaechter

Preposterously Breathtaking Inspiration

Since childhood, Schaechter has carried a strong ethos of labor and toil, and the challenging material of glass has been her worthy and inspiring ally since the early 1980s. Her creative life has veered into other areas in the past: in the 1990s, for example, she wrote songs and played guitar in a band. A self-proclaimed “dyed in the wool New Wave/Punk fan” with eclectic and expansive tastes, Schaechter has found inspiration in music throughout her career. In the early 2000s, she also flirted with 3-D animation. But all other efforts were eventually sacrificed to achieve and maintain her prodigious fluency in glass.

Working every day in a single medium for thirty-seven years, Schaechter has achieved a remarkable mastery in stained glass, yet she continually seeks opportunities for spontaneity and risk-taking in her creative process.

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