Her Voice Carries: Prelude

through April 14, 2019 | SEE THE DOCUMENTARY
Her Voice Carries is an art project led by Sarah C. Rutherford and features the unique stories of five women who are working and living in varying communities in Rochester, New York. Each woman has been photographed, interviewed, drawn and painted.

The series of murals are located throughout the five sections of the city of Rochester. The goal was to create a network of murals that weave a collective story laced with individual truths. Further, this series of murals emphasizes the commonalities of our human experience through the leadership of empowered women.

women of Her Voice Carries
Left to right: Rachel McKibbens || Imani Olear || KaeLyn Rich || Safi Osman || Trelawney McCoy
photos: Hannah Betts

MAG’s installation, Her Voice Carries | Prelude, will serve as the key to the entire project. The map portion of the installation displays the city locations of all five murals along with descriptions of the women featured in the project. While each mural in the community features one woman’s voice, this installation at MAG is home to all five women together. MAG would like to encourage visitors to seek out the murals throughout the city.

“The seeds of Her Voice Carries are planted here in Rochester, a city that has deeply impacted my growth as a young artist and a young woman. This project is my love letter to Rochester and was born from my individual search for connections and desire to understand our city as a whole. We so easily fall into the same routines and networks. I hope to encourage people to expand their circles, allow them to overlap and listen to the women and their voices around our community.” ~ Sarah C. Rutherford


Her Voice Carries Thursday, November 15, 2018 | 7 pm
A film by David Marshall and Christine Christopher | Blue Sky Production Films | Co-produced by Helene Bianduti-Hofer

Her Voice Carries shares the international mural artist, Sarah Rutherford’s journey of discovery as she identifies and collects the stories of ordinary-yet-extraordinary women, visually punctuated by the emerging mural art that will honor their work far beyond the neighborhoods they call home. Blending compelling storytelling and provocative visuals, the film weaves back and forth between the women’s stories and Sarah’s work as she seeks to discover what inspires these women, what drives them, what they have seen, why they do what they do.

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