Extreme Materials 2 artist list

Extreme Materials 2

October 23, 2011–January 15, 2012


Ryan Alexiev (breakfast cereal)
Jennifer Angus (insects)
Adriana Bertini (condoms)
Elaine Bradford (taxidermied animals)
Suzanne Broughel (adhesive bandages)
Dave Cole (ammunition)
Sally Curcio (false eyelashes)
William Kenneth Daw (dog kibble)
Tom Deininger (plastic toys)
Marc Dennis (coyote skulls)
Brian Dettmer (encyclopedias)
Angela Ellsworth (pearl corsage pins)
Rosemarie Fiore (fireworks residue)
Mary Giehl (alum crystals)
Nemo Gould (Bundt cake pans)
John Greene (steel wool)
Phyllis Hackleman (used coffee filters)
Laurie Hassold (animal bones)
Danielle Julian Norton (Neutragena soap)
Theo Kamecke (electronic circuitry)
Mark Khaisman (packing tape)
Richard Klein (eyeglasses)
Nick Kozak (plastic soup spoons)
Cal Lane (steel oil cans)
Mike Libby (grasshopper)
Jennifer Maestre (colored pencils)
Carlo Marcucci (pasta)
Rebecca Mushtare (plastic shopping bags)
Andrew Myers (screws)
Cornelia Parker (reclaimed dental gold)
Aurora Robson (discarded plastic bottles)
Loren Schwerd (hair extensions)
Donna Sharrett (dried rose petals)
Jean Shin (prescription bottles)
Jennifer Sirey (bacteria)
Esther Solondz (rust)
Laura Splan (cosmetic facial peel)
Rebecca Szeto (thorns)
Vadis Turner (tampons)
Jess von der Ahe (blood)
Mark Wagner (currency)

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