De'VIA Videos

DeVIA Playing CardsIn alphabetical order of artist names, here are the videos featured on the MUSE AI app:

Uzo Buzgalo, Beauty of Diversity, 2008-2010

Arnaud Balard, L’Abée de L’Epée, 2013

David Call, Your Joy, My Pain, 2013

Susan Dupor, Pussy, 1994

Takiyah Harris, Diverse Deaf People Were Starving to Eat AGB Fish, 2015

Paul Johnston, Deaf Education Pinball, 2008

Ellen Mansfield, I will Never Forget, 2013

Theresa Matteson, Love Comes in Diversity, 2009

Mary Rappazzo, A Party of One, 2012-2013

Nancy Rourke, Second Wave of Milan, 2015

Pamela Witcher, My Heart is a Village, 2004-2011

Guy Wonder, Forbidden Sign Language Alphabet, 2009

shown, top: Nancy Rourke, Playing Cards (detail)