Creative Workshop Living Memory Alumni Shows

Living Memory Alumni Shows

Creative Workshop class flyer circa 1963In 1913, a hundred years ago this year, the Memorial Art Gallery was founded—always with a commitment to both preserving, presenting, and promoting the creation of fine art for the betterment of the community. In 1926, the first artists were hired to teach. By 1949 the art school part of the Gallery was called the Creative Workshop.

Through the years, many artists have found a niche here. That so many past Creative “Workshoppers” come back to say hi, and that so many current students keep coming back, brings an added importance to our work.

This year, we look back over our history with two “Living Memory” shows offered in conjunction with the MAG Centennial. Designed to showcase some of the stories of community, creativity and continuity, both shows includes archival photos, artwork by current and past students and teachers, news articles, and shared memories.

Pictured above: Class flyer ca. 1963.

Living Memory: Alumni Show Part 2

September 24–October 24, 2013 in the Lucy Burne Gallery (Creative Workshop)

install shot-cw-memoriesPart 2 includes artworks and memories from Workshop students and teachers including Joan Foss, Alice Gold, Brian Gold, Wendy Gwirtzman, Alec Hazlett, Dick Kane, John Kastner, Dan Lempert, Jeanne Lindsay, Gregory Marling, Larry Merrill, Philip Peters, Melissa Sengbush, g.a. sheller, Ann Taylor and Sharon Yates.

Living Memory: Alumni Show Part 1

April 15–May 9, 2013 in the Lucy Burne Gallery (Creative Workshop)

Two works by Roger Essley in Living Memory exhibition

Part 1 included contributions by Joanne Barr, Patti Brody, Jamie Chudyk, Langdon Clay, Elizabeth Essley, Janet Essley, Roger Essley, Richmond Futch Jr., Elizabeth Gohringer, Stewart Gohringer, Ann Hall, Betty Miller, Jessica Ranalletti, Meghan Searl, Rebecca Searl and Jack Wolsky.

Pictured above: Two works by Roger Essley from Living Memory Part 1. The work at left was painted when Essley was a 15-year-old student at the Creative Workshop. The work at right, an original drawing for his children’s book Reunion, was exhibited at MAG in 1996. Read an article from the MAG archives