Argentum: Double Positive

An installation by Jim Sanborn

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Argentum: Double-Positive by Jim Sanborn consists of two bronze projection cylinders in front of MAG’s 1913 building. These cylinders are perforated with a series of texts that light up at night and project onto the facade and surrounding landscape at MAG. The texts highlight the creativity and invention that have been the core industry of the City of Rochester for decades.
Read the full text from the installation.

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Watch as we “Flip the Switch” on June 29, 2017

Jim Sanborn, Argentum: Double Positive, 2017. Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY. Maurice R. and Maxine B. Forman Fund, Marion Stratton Gould Fund, Clara and Edwin Strasenburgh Fund, and Thelma M. Knapp Fund, with additional support from Steven Sumberg.