Alexander Matisse: New Ceramics

alex_matisse-chargerAlexander Matisse:
New Ceramics

April 6–June 8, 2014

Alexander Matisse is a young potter working in the craft-rich Asheville (NC) area. In conjunction with the exhibition of his great-grandfather’s prints, MAG presents new works—many made specifically for our exhibition—that reflect his marriage of Anglo-Asian forms and motifs with the clay traditions of the American South.

This exhibition is sponsored by the Mabel Fenner Lyon Fund and Charlotte & Raul Herrera.

Artist Lecture

Alexander Matisse joined us on Sunday, April 6, 2014 for a presentation on his work.
View the slideshow of the lecture by the artist here.

Pictured: Charger (2013). Collection of Dr. and Mrs. William Eby.

View the exhibition catalog: (available online only)