Sunday: Ceramics

Here is your chance to sit back, relax, put your feet up, and browse our listing of Sunday M&T Bank Clothesline Online Festival artists. Today features ceramics! Check out our 2020 artists who work in this medium below. Visit their online storefronts or Etsy pages and see all they have to offer. To see virtual events we have lined up for today, click here. #ClotheslineOnline

ALL ARTISTS | Saturday: Sculpture, Glass, Metal & Wood | Monday: Mixed Media | Tuesday: Treasures & Jewelry | Wednesday: Wearables, Fabric & Fiber | Thursday: Painting & Drawing | Friday: Photography & Prints

Richard Aerni (shown above in his booth ca. 2018)
Allan Ditton Pottery
Andrew Foster Ceramics
Deborah Benedetto Pottery
Birch Landing Pottery and Fine Art
BS Pottery
Cat Clay (shown above)
Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz
Deborah Benedetto Pottery
Hodaka Hasebe
Jacobson Pottery
JMV Ceramics
Judy Lieblein Ceramics
Katydid Ceramics
Kim Cutler Ceramics
Kniti Griti Works (shown above)
Lake Ceramics
Lockwood Ceramics
Loren Maron Ceramics
LRF Pottery
Lukacs Pottery
MTC Pottery
Nature’s Way Stoneware
Pottery by Cathy Higgins
Pottery Plus
pvalenti studios
Rebecca Wind Pottery
Reno Pottery
Rochester Folk Art Guild Pottery (shown above)
Rotondi Creations
Saffer Originals
SH Pottery
Shelly Green Stoler
SMM Ceramics
Stu-Art Pottery
The Tea Pottery
Tori DiPietro Motyl Pottery
Wizard of Clay
Zozo Studio Co with Zoey Murphy Houser