Hidden Passions Season 2

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IDEATION: Funding the Future Memorial Art Gallery

Season 2 (2015–16) | Season 1 (Spring 2015)

September 17:

Ian Wilson and Mike DiCaprioIan Wilson, radiologist | graffiti and street artist patron


Mike DiCaprio, media strategist | carnivorous plant gardener

October 15:

Spencer Christiano and Danielle RaymoSpencer Christiano, archival projectionist | playwright


Danielle Raymo, office manager | creative connector

November 12:

Nita Brown and Gene OlczakNita Brown, strategic planner | fashion designer


Gene Olczak, optical engineer | hot sauce inventor

January 21:

Laura Fox and Steven SchwartzLaura Fox, urban planner | rooftop farmer


Steven Schwartz, accountant | beekeeper

February 25 (University of Rochester Alumni & Faculty Night):

Ramon Ricker and Jefferson SvengsoukRamon Ricker, professor emeritus of saxophone | Jaguar car restorer


Jefferson Svengsouk, assoc. professor of emergency medicine | Native American flute player

Cosponsored with the University of Rochester Office of Alumni Relations 

March 17:

Anne Kress and Wendell CastleAnne Kress, college president | quilter


Wendell Castle, world-class artist | folk guitarist