Especially for Kids

Public Art Scavenger Hunt | MAGbags | Summer Art Day Camp

Here are just a few ideas to keep your little buddies curious and creative. Everything from Day Camps during school breaks and summer vacation to cool scavenger hunts that will keep them engaged while they’re visiting MAG. Ask about our new “Shorts” art classes for kids and adults.

You’ll also want to keep in the loop with our multiple Celebration Days. Admission is just a suggested $5 per family, and we offer the opportunity to learn about different cultures through dance, music, storytelling, and craft-making. Here’s a link to our upcoming Celebration Days.

Try a public art Scavenger Hunt

Bronze Scavenger Hunt

Download this PDF and see how many of the little bronzes you can find in our Sculpture Park. Artist Tom Otterness designed this sculpture installation, Creation Myth, especially for MAG’s urban art space. There are four additional Art Scavenger Hunts that you can pick up when you get inside the museum, too.

Kids Create Dates

Saturdays | 1-3 pm | $15 per child | (AGES 4–14—OR YOUNGER KIDS W/ ADULT) *Postponed until September 2020

Kids Create Dates

Kids Create Dates offer fun and flexible creative art projects you can make before, after or while your family explores the museum. All tools will be supplied for a play date with creativity!

Kids Create Dates programs happen every Saturday from 1 to 3 pm. Beginning on Saturday, November 2 in a classroom in the Creative Workshop, moving forward, this program will be held in the pavilion.

All tools will be supplied for a play date with creativity.

Questions? Call 585.276.8959. learn more

MAG Bag sample


Newly envisioned, we are offering family-friendly activity packs, known as MAGbags! There are 5 different colorful bags. Each bag includes 3-4 books, 2 clipboards, paper for drawing, colored pencils with sharpener, and a simple activity like a puzzle, plus a Museum Manners reminder. Families are welcome to take one (or more if lots of kids!!) with them in the museum to use while they are here, and can return them when leaving. Recommend for ages 3 to 10.

Art Day Camp

Art Day Camp

Our fabulous all-day art camp is designed for children ages 6–12 during school breaks.
They enjoy high quality (and very fun) art projects, visits to the museum to see original works of art, lunch breaks and daily recreation breaks. Two age groupings—6–8 (junior) and 9–12 (senior)—allow kids to learn about art techniques, strategies and materials as they make art they can be proud of. Learn more about Summer Art Day Camps.

Top Ten List of Fun Things to Do!

Take a “Shorts” Class.
Hear an Italian Baroque Organ mini-recital.
Visit THE STORE @ MAG for some art supplies or inspiration.
Come to a Creative Workshop Open House! Test out a class, play with some clay.
Become a MAG Member and you can borrow books from our art library. Pop-Up Books, too!
Bring the Girl Scouts (or Boy Scouts) on a Docent-led tour.
Visit Brown Hound Downtown for some bakery treats, ice cream or a Weekend Brunch.
Learn Morse Code. There are two places where Morse Code is hidden in our sidewalks.
Pick up a new Family MAGbag to use during your visit to the museum. Packed full of ideas!
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