Warren Mianecke

Creative Workshop Faculty

Warren Mianecke
Night Registrar, Children’s Art, Teen Drawing

pen and ink drawing by warren mianecke

Warren Mianecke has taught at the Creative Workshop since 1992 and also serves as the night registrar. His classes emphasize a welcoming environment for creativity, discovery and laughter, often through drawing.

Warren holds a BA in art education from SUNY Geneseo and an AA in fine art from SUNY Farmingdale. He has designed and led grant-funded teacher training programs for early childhood art and reading and art workshops for children and parents at Barnes & Noble–Pittsford.

Warren writes that he “helps young artists continue to enrich their visual vocabulary so they may express their feelings and opinions and questions with honesty and pride through art. When working with preschoolers I strive to be mindful in my presentation of instructions, materials and support so that each child may engage joyfully in the creative process.”

Above: This pen and ink classroom demo drawing by Warren Mianecke was based on a mask in MAG’s collection.