Tamia Alston-Ward

Children’s Art, Drawing and Painting

Tamia Alston-Ward

Tamia Alston-Ward is a young artist who returns this summer as a Teacher for the Creative Workshop’s Art Day School. She also works as a Security Ambassador in the museum.

Tamia recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia a prestigious traditional art school that is the oldest in the country.

Tamia is also known for being a calm, patient, individual who teaches mutual respect. Therefore, she uses a teaching philosophy of “B.E. S.T.I.L.L” Believing, Elevating, Seeing, Thinking Investigating, Listening, and Learning. The acronym is a creative product of this new teacher.

She loves working with us here at the Creative workshop and especially enjoys drawing with kids. There are many times she has been seen with a crowd of kids around her watching her draw! Her education at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts has allowed her to come to the MAG with skills that she uses to help kids to better understand their process of creating artwork in a way that is digestible and fun! Tamia believes that every student has the ability to make work that they are proud of, and she isn’t shy to answer questions. She plans to have fun projects that engage the students in a way that is unique, refreshing, and exciting!

WATCH: A Little Lesson with Tamia Alston-Ward

Alston-Ward shows you how to sketch, blend, and emphasize colors in her drawings inspired by Paul Cezzane, Henri Matisse, and Fritz Troutman.

Art credits:
Henri Matisse, Girl with a Tricorne (Vénitienne), 1924.38
Paul Cézanne, The Bay of Estaque Seen from the East (La Baie de l’Estaque vue de l’est), 1969.45
Fritz Trautmann, Galaxy, 1956.65