Sketchbook Challenge

30 Days of Sketchbook Prompts

Please send up to two original creative works in separate emails to Creative Workshop and include your name, the prompt that inspired the work, and a title if you have one. Be Inspired! See some of the submissions here. Remember, this is a work in progress!

Friday, May 15 Saturday, May 16 Sunday, May 17
muffin to sketch cat texture
Monday, May 18 Tuesday, May 19 Wednesday, May 20
that song
your great uncle
Thursday, May 21 Friday, May 22 Saturday, May 23
phone call shows nose or knows
Sunday, May 24 Monday, May 25 Tuesday, May 26
Eat More International
pots to sketch
Wedsnesday, May 27 Thursday, May 28 Friday, May 29
glow or glows bleed or bandaid World peace
World pizza
Saturday, May 30 Sunday, May 31 Monday, June 1
trapezoid coffee swirl
Tuesday, June 2 Wednesday, June 3 Thursday, June 4
shadow script onions
Friday, June 5 Saturday, June 6 Sunday, June 7
out the window watches to sketch fade or fading
Monday, June 8 Tuesday, June 9 Wednesday, June 10
transparent seedling perspective
Thursday, June 11 Friday, June 12 Saturday, June 13
green apples to sketch sweet egg or eggs