Sketchbook Challenge submissions

Our Sketchbook Challenge submissions are rolling in! This page is a work in progress as we move through the 30-Day Challenge. Below, enjoy work submitted by Judy Silvestrone, Rachael Baldanza, Emily Fitzgibbons, Cheryl Enders, Kathleen DeFazio, Robin Lehman, Toni Johnson, Jeanette Musliner, …
More names will be added as we receive new submissions, so check back often!

READING why #artsmatter: During a dark time, the arts have provided light by Jim Memmott for the DandC.

First Submission muffins texture - Sketchbook Challenge cat - sketchbook challenge sketchbook challenge Jar of Hearts - sketchbook challenge circles - Sketchbook Challenge HOPE by Cheryl Enders Inspired - Sketchbook Challenge Telephone - sketchbook challenge texture - sketchbook challenge Texture sketch - Robin Lehman Johnny Cash song prompt 3-D Sketchbook Challenge Toni Johnson 3-D texture Toni Johnson song Jeanette Musliner Jeanette Musliner Paula Marchese Paula Marchese