Prime Fiddle Time with Simmi Wallace

Prime Fiddle Time is a series of fun and easy projects for families to work on together. Simmi is your guide and each project is illustrated and offered in a step-by-step format using ordinary household objects for hours of entertainment. It is also free and open for all to enjoy! Below is a list of the projects and links to the videos. Feel free to pause the video at any point to catch-up. This week, we are featuring a project on Mini Marionettes! Learn more about picking up your own art kit with supplies and instructions. Or see if you have these common household supplies at home!

    • Mini Marionettes
      On a roll with your Prime Fiddle Time crafts? Great! Well, with just a simple craft roll, a little clay, and a few bits and bobs, you can turn a craft roll into a moving marionette.

Suggested Mini Marionettes Supplies

      • 2 popsicle sticks, or regular sticks, or pencils
      • 1 empty paper towel or toilet paper tube (or rolled paper, preferably a thicker paper)
      • A pair of scissors
      • A hole punch
      • Modeling clay (preferably in neutral colors)
      • Cardboard or paper of any sort (preferably thicker paper)
      • A dowel, or pencil, or sticks, or any straight thin object that is slitly taller than the paper tube or its substitute
      • A length of string, any kind
    • Decotropes
      If you’ve ever been interested in magic tricks, then this craft is for you! Decotropes allows you to create your own “Now you see it, now you don’t” illusion.

Sugested Decotrope Supplies

      • Cardstock paper (regular copy paper is fine)
      • A pair of scissors
      • Pencils, markers, or any drawing tools
      • A circle tracer (any circular object may be used to trace. A bowl, a container lid, a CD are all great examples)
    • Pack Me Puppets
      These unique puppets may very well become your favorite toy as you pick out colors as beautiful as your own skin, add decorations that pop and flare, and joints to allow your puppets to dance and play!

Suggested Pack Me Puppets Supplies

      • Multicultural paper, or construction paper, or copy paper
      • A piece of cardstock paper (copy or construction paper is fine)
      • A glue stick, or tape, or liquid glue, or stapler
      • A hole-punch (or fine-tipped pencil to poke holes with)
      • Bits and bobs- any sort of buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, etc (optional)
      • 16-20 fasteners or paper clips or thin string to connect pieces
    • Animated Action Figures
      Animated Action Figures are the perfect way to mix play-and-art-time together. These maker-themed kits are a bit more involved than most Prime Fiddle Time projects. They are perfect for young artists who enjoy a project with a (guided) challenge or as a group. Creating your own action figure with mix-and-match designs offers many opportunities for play long after your kit is put together.

Suggested Action Figures Supplies

      • 14 squares of cardboard cut to the same size (less can be used if needed)
      • Markers, paint, pencils, or any drawing tools
      • A glue stick or tape
      • A hole punch
      • 1-2 dowels or pencils, or stick
      • White and black modeling feet or hands (theses will be already formed in kits supplies) or drawings of hands and feet to tape onto dowel or dowel-substitute
    • Tin Foil Glass Craft
      It’s no secret that art is often more fun when it shines! With this fun at-home craft, you’ll be able to create your own shiny designs that will add an extra glow to your wondrous work.Suggested Tin Foil Glass Craft Supplies

      • 1-3 sheets of tin foil
      • Markers
      • Stencils made from cardstock to trace (not essential, you can draw freehand)
      • A hole punch
      • String to hang the finished craft from (tape may also be used, or it can be laid flat on a surface when finished)
    • Refreshing Rainsticks
      This marvelous, melodic, make-it-yourself craft is perfect for rainy or quiet days inside. With just a few readily available crafting supplies and a few minutes of Prime Fiddle Time, you can make your own rainstick.

Suggested Refreshing Rainsticks Supplies

      • A long rectangular sheet of paper (12-16 inches in length is ideal)- any form of paper may be used, as long as it can be rolled and will keep its form
      • String of any kind
      • Strips of sticky paper (or regular paper with adhesive, such as tape, on the back)
      • A hole punch (or fine-tipped pencil to poke holes with)
      • A pair of scissors
      • Markers, paint, pencils, or any drawing tools
      • Paint cups or containers to store water in and hold paint (if using paint)
      • Copy paper
    • Chompy Puppets
      This project is perfect for anyone with an interest in origami and art-play. Using the same skills needed to make a paper airplane, fortuneteller, or just folding paper, your fingers will be fully engaged as you turn a simple piece of paper into your own hand puppet!

Suggested Choppy Puppets Supplies

      • Copy or construction paper
      • Adhesive of any kind, preferably liquid glue
      • A foam brush or tool to apply adhesive
      • A pair of Scissors
      • Drawing tools
    • Cityscapes and Superheroes
      Uncover exciting and colorful city skylines and designs as you “puzzle” together with your own superhero and mount it on top of homemade scratch paper. Be sure to watch the Prime Fiddle Time video to learn how to give your art a 3D effect!

Suggested Cityscapes and Superheros Supplies

    • Cardstock paper
    • A glue stick or any adhesive, such as tape
    • A pair of scissors
    • Construction paper (or paper of any kind)
    • Crayons
    • Acrylic paint
    • A paint brush
    • A bamboo skewer, or stick, or fine-tipped pencil

Art Kits

MAG will supply all the materials you need for your Prime Time Fiddle Time date with creativity. We have a limited supply of art kits available (25) so here is what we need from you! If you are able to come to MAG and pick up your art kit, let us know that we should save one for you! Send Simmi an email to let him know how many kits you would like for the weeks highlighted project. Please reserve by 5 pm on Friday to secure your kit for pick up on Saturday or Sunday. Beginning on Saturday at 11 am through Sunday at 5 pm, kits will be available for pick up through the end of December. Any un-reserved kits will become available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Come into the main entrance and stop by the Admission Desk. They will have your name listed and your kit ready for pick up! If you have not reserved a kit, we MAY have some available for pick up, but please check the website first as we may run out!

Thank you to the Art Bridges Foundation for their funding of this educational outreach program.

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