CW Materials Lists


Adult students in our Winter classes use brushes, paints, clay, and metals depending on the course they take. The Creative Workshop provides materials for kids and teens classes. We encourage you to buy materials close to the start of the class in case of cancellations.

First Day of Class
Please note that the material list for every class is also available at the first class meeting. For that reason, materials will be provided on the first day. We also remind you that all adult students are welcome to work with the materials they choose, within health and safety regulations (for example, we strongly discourage traditional turpentine).

Materials lists

Here are lists of the supplies needed for Winter 2023 art classes:

Materials are provided for classes for children and teens.

Where to Get Materials

For your convenience, we make a Drawing Kit with all of the materials needed for drawing classes. Kits are available at the first class meeting, sold at the Creative Workshop office.
Rochester Art Supply on East Main St in Rochester, The Art Stop on Penfield Road in Penfield and in some cases, for student grade supplies consider buying at stores like Target, Walmart or Michael’s. If in doubt about where to get supplies, please call the Creative Workshop’s office at 585-276-8959.