Lydia Owens

Teaching Artist Lydia Owens

Teaching Artist

Children’s Art, Drawing & Painting
Lydia earned her B.S. in Studio art from Roberts Wesleyan College in 2014, with an emphasis in painting and drawing. Since then, she has worked at two different private schools teaching art to students from kindergarten to senior high. She loves teaching painting and drawing and helping her students grow in their abilities as young artists, as well as introducing them to the styles of famous artists throughout art history.

In her own art, Lydia works with oil paints and primarily focuses on realism. She loves nature and gets most of her inspiration from the beauty and untamed landscapes of North America’s national parks. Her most recent work has focused on the play of light on still, clear water, and how the appearance of solid forms shifts with the movement of ripples on the water’s surface. She was commissioned by Roberts Wesleyan College to complete four paintings for the girls’ dorms. More recently, she has exhibited in regional art shows at the Erie Art Museum and the Arkell Art Museum. She will also be participating in the 86th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Hudson Valley Art Association.

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