Lucy Burne Gallery Exhibitions

Lucy Burne Gallery at the Creative Workshop

This exhibition space is open when Creative Workshop classes are in session.

Creative Workshop students – adult, teen, or child; newcomer or “frequent flyer” – have a chance to show at least one piece of artwork in the Workshop’s Lucy Burne Gallery or in our new online art exhibition space. To learn more about how to show your art, contact Rachael Baldanza, Curriculum Supervisor, 585.276.8956.

Current Show:

SUMMER ADULT & TEEN SHOW 2022 | Thursday, June 23-Thursday, August 4, 2022
This show is open to any artwork made in Creative Workshop classes in our previous session.

Coming Soon:

FACULTY SHOW | Wednesday, August 17-Thursday, October 6, 2022
Our talented teachers present their latest work. From paintings, drawings, and prints to jewelry, ceramics and weaving, these faculty members will share a bit of their work in the studio. In some cases, even, bringing us artwork inspired by the museum and the CW.

Past Exhibitions

GROW & GLOW KIDS STUDENT ART SHOW: SPRING 2022 | Thursday, June 2–Saturday, June 18, 2022
ADULT STUDENT SHOW: WARMING UP | March 16-April 21, 2022
ADULT STUDENT SHOW: WINTRY MIX | December 9, 2021-February 2, 2022
Fall Children’s Show | November 2021
Painted, Drawn, and Formed in Clay | July/August 2021
FUN OR FUNNY: Kids Student Show | May/June 2021
Handmade at the Creative Workshop | April 2021