Karen Barber

Karen Barber
Calligraphy, Collage & Mixed Media, Painting (acrylic/abstract & playful)

Karen joins the Creative Workshop teaching crew as a dedicated educator, a frequent workshop student, and a strong advocate for having fun while learning!

I have fond memories of a Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw” kit at Christmas, lessons from a local artist in her studio in junior high, and a calligraphy assignment in high school art class. But that was long ago. I got my BS & MS in Education/Special Education at SUNY Geneseo and worked as a special education teacher in local districts. I took adult classes in crazy quilt embroidery, calligraphy and sewing. Fast forward to retirement, and I immediately joined the Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild, took classes here at the MAG Creative Workshop, OASIS Rochester, and local art galleries. I attended my first International Calligraphy Conference near Montreal in 2019—a week of being immersed in the art of letters.

I have come to believe that everyone can tap into their creative spirit. I have learned that there are many ways to express this and each will be unique in how they do so. Portraits and landscapes, for example, traditionally done using pencil, pastel and paint can also be created with, crayon, calligraphy, and collage. I’m hoping to share my enthusiasm for all things art while teaching at the Creative Workshop. I’m asking my students to join me in exploring new techniques, soaking up new ideas, and simply having fun while making art!

Karen’s own work expresses and explores communication.