Joanne Barr

Painting, drawing
painting by Joanne Barr
Joanne has taught at the Creative Workshop since 1967. She earned a BS from Michigan State University and a MA in Drawing and Painting from Indiana University. She studied also in the studios of plein air and portrait artists.

Joanne has had a long and distinguished career teaching art at all levels from preschool to college. For many years Joanne was the art teacher at East Ridge High School. She encourages the development of the innate and individualized talent within each student.

As an artist, Joanne is accomplished in non-objective abstract and realistic styles. She works with a variety of drawing and painting techniques and mediums, depending on the dictates of the subject.  Her medium use ranges from oil paint and acrylic to pastel and pencil.

Joanne draws inspiration for her work from the beauty of life in its multiple forms. She maintains a private studio near Lake Ontario.