Jennifer Soike

Jenn Soike

Children’s Art

My name is Jennifer Soike. I have a background in advertising and have been in Art Education since 2008. I earned my masters in Art Edu from Nazareth College and have taught in a wide variety of classrooms, both suburban and urban. I love painting and mixed media arts. Art creates a connection within a community and a sense of purpose and inspiration. I feel as though I have the best job in the world, being able to empower our children to value themselves as individuals and to respect the differences in others.

In my art room, students learn on multiple levels while having fun! Each lesson has art history incorporated, demonstrations of new techniques and ideas for how to use the art materials. Art vocabulary is naturally woven into conversations and a sense of accomplishment and pride can be found in every project. As a certified teacher, I understand and strive for each student to feel successful at his/her own level. Try something new and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Its how we all learn!

My students love being able to develop artwork in their own unique styles. No two projects will ever look the same and we love HAPPY MISTAKES! They usually lead us in fun and exciting directions. We will go with the flow and learn how to brainstorm, problem-solve, build, and create our visions. My classes involve a large scale of mediums and have something for everyone to fall in love with. A little mess is ok!