Jason Ferguson

Ceramics Children’s Classes
Jason Ferg
Born in Rochester and raised in Brockport New York, Jason has consistently loved creating art in all its forms. With early influences of abstract impressionism, classic renaissance illustrations, various artist such as Dali, Van Gogh, and Picasso; Jason soon found himself in 2000 landing an apprenticeship under a local tattoo artist in his hometown learning the pop culture art of tattoos.

In 2009 Jason graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in science with a focus in fine arts from Nazareth College. He focused on painting as his medium, which culminated in a combination painting with a sculpture called Dante’s Journey, a sarcastic moralistic interpretation on the Inferno by Dante. During his final year at college Jason traveled to Italy for a month to study metalworking, art history, and illustration studies in the birthplace of classical art, Florence Italy. Jason has traveled the country tattooing and selling his art. He also is a musician that performs as a front man for the local band, Setiva. He has taken many adult classes in the ceramics studio doing wheel thrown pieces, hand building, and relief carving. Through all these creative outlets Jason tries to express through his art the human condition.

Recently, with a continued study in illustration, painting, tattooing, and ceramics Jason found himself applying for a body painting show on the Game Show Network called Skin Wars Fresh Paint. He found himself a contender on the show which airs August of 2016.

Jason started as a volunteer at the Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop in Rochester New York helping with the children’s classes. In the summer of 2016, Jason was promoted to a teacher and teacher’s assistant in the ceramics department. His students and their parents appreciate his energetic and fully helpful teaching of the entire process of making ceramic sculptures and practical pieces.