Whitney Brown

Children’s Art, Drawing & Painting for kids, SHORTS!

Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown joined the Creative Workshop’s teaching artist staff in December 2017. She comes to us with great experience working with children of all ages as creative artists. Both in Florida and locally, Whitney has worked with kids in arts-focused schools and daycare settings.

As a Creative Art Director and professional Artist with over 15 years of experience in creative arts. She can contribute exciting and innovative ideas and solutions. She explains, “In my art, I like to capture the beauty of mundane objects and places. I think it’s great to express yourself no matter how it comes out in your work. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas.”

Here at the MAG, Whitney taught Zulu beading during our Black History Month Celebration, 2018. This summer, she will teach a class combining cartooning, drawing, and painting in the Creative Workshop at MAG with children’s natural imaginations. She particularly likes
working with our Kids Create Dates and OK, its Fabulous Programs — part of our SHORTS programs that blend the best of learning art with times that work for busy families.

Whitney has explored cartooning, character rigging in animation, traditional drawing and painting techniques, and illustration in her work. These two samples represent Whitney’s work in illustration and animation design. She tells us “I created the character in Maya, a 3D animation program. This piece was animated and created in MOJO world for a 2 minute animated short film called Red Rudari. The collage illustration was done in watercolor over text from the Bible. It represents Peace, Mind over Body.