Sara Silvio

Jewelry, Children’s Art

Sara Silvio

Sara teaches professional jewelry-making skills to teens in the popular Coolest Jewels class. She tells us “The practice of crafting jewelry has been the center of my life for more than 20 years.

I’ve studied, practiced, and taught jewelry making since I was in my teens. It’s been a journey that’s taken me from learning the gem-buying trade in San Francisco from leading classes for women in Manhattan to running my studio in my hometown of Rochester, New York.

My practice has always been about being in the moment. I keep things instinctual and move toward my inspiration whenever I sit down at my bench. I’m not a follower of trends and while I sell my pieces, I’ve never been driven by “what sells.”

My drive is to express what’s in my heart and to help people feel amazing about themselves. It’s been my incredible good fortune that these two drives have become my career.

When teaching children and young teenagers I bring my practices from the studio to the classroom. Being mindful of how we learn new skills, trusting the creative flow, and making time for movement are integral to our days. Having a sense of community within the classroom by helping one another, taking turns, sharing ideas, and accepting a different pace is part of the process.”

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