Grant Lounsbury

Cartooning, Illustration, Drawing & Painting
Grant Lounsbury

Grant is an active member of our faculty teaching cartooning and illustration, drawing and painting for both teenagers and adults. He is an approachable, knowledgeable artist and teacher known for challenging students to try new things. Grant has spent a large part of his career in the field of 2-D traditional animation working in television and animated feature films. He also spends his time developing a wide range of characters for children’s books and other personal projects.

He also began painting several years ago as an exploration of new mediums for artistic expression. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Keuka College (North by Northeast, January 29 to March 1, 2019), and group shows at the Algonquin Provincial Park Exhibition, Ontario, CN. He was won awards for his paintings at the Algonquin show just mentioned, at the Elora Plein Air Festival, Ontario, CN, and at Wildlife Exhibition, at the Wayne County Arts Council in Newark, NY.

For the painting featured here, Grant tells us: “I was at home by myself, my wife was out of town. I knew I wanted to do a painting evoking and representing the work of Edgar Allen Poe. But like all painters, I wasn’t sure where to start. While listening to an old time radio show, somehow, with practice, the painting came together.” Grant will help you paint what you want to paint.

Grant is currently teaching at St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, but plans to teach at the MAG in December and in late Spring and Summer 2020.