Faith Gruver

Faith created a special Virtual DEMO during our M&T Bank Clothesline Online Festival this year. You can view it here:

Faith Gruver earned her BFA in Illustration with a minor in Museum Studies from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her love of art began at the Memorial Art Gallery as a child and has been sustained by the endless inspiration that resides within the gallery space.

Upon completion of her degree, Faith began working as a professional freelance illustrator in her hometown of Rochester. Her specialty is portraiture, working in a variety of mediums including acrylic, gouache, and digital painting. Her style is inspired by realism, with a touch of whimsy in her impressionistic backgrounds. A recurring theme in her work is the celebration of diversity by creating a space for underrepresented individuals. Faith believes that learning from one another is not limited to the classroom and that as an artist she can contribute the power of imagery to spread love and acceptance.

As an educator, Faith strives to make personal connections with each of her students, fostering a classroom environment that is full of joy and fun for all individuals. She has expanded her career into teaching because she is passionate about sharing the personal growth that can be found in creating art. Watching her students gain confidence in themselves and pride in their work, has been a truly rewarding experience.

Faith Gruver

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