Cynthia Iannaccone

Creative Workshop Faculty

Drawing, Painting, Children’s Art, Calligraphy

Cynthia Iannacone

Cynthia is a professional illustrator and fine artist with a passion for teaching. She tells us “ With sharpened pencils and a sketch book, my father gave me my first drawing lessons. He studied with Carl Peters and took many classes at the MAG and always encouraged me.” She remembers the joy of being given a scholarship to take classes here when she was a child and in fact continues to take classes in ceramics to expand her skills.

Cynthia previously taught both children’s and adult classes at the Creative Workshop from 1994 to 2000 including drawing, watercolor and acrylic focused courses. She taught in special programs such as Drawing at the Zoo and Art Day School as well during that time.

Cynthia earned an MA in Studio Art from Marywood University and a BFA in Printmaking with a Certification in Art Education (pre-K to 12th grade) from Novia Scotia College of Art And Design. As a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Artists Breakfast Group, and Just Poets, she continues to refine and exhibit her own work. About her own artwork and inspiration she writes, “ I am an aesthete, in pursuit of artistic beauty. I paint, illustrate, write calligraphy, poetry, picture books, and I teach art. Much of my work is inspired by story, folktales, fairytales, dog tails, mythology, and the magic they contain.

Cynthia’s warm, imaginative and patient instruction, along with her skills in making and teaching art have made her a wonderful, often requested teacher.

See more of her work for children at Cynthia’s blog and in fine art and calligraphy at